Nativity of Christ – Orthros Music

In support of raising funds for a new roof and dome for Saint John Orthodox Church, and to help spiritually prepare Orthodox believers during the Nativity fast up to the glorious feast of the Nativity of Christ, Rdr. Peter Girgis and Herman Fassett have recorded a digitally available byzantine chant album with selected hymns from the Orthros service, glorifying Christ’s Nativity.

Donate now and receive this album as a gift for your generosity and support of the roof/dome project.

How it works:

  1. Donate to the roof/dome project.
  2. Make sure you add a note to your donation indicating it is for the dome project.
  3. After donating, PayPal will redirect you back to this site where you can download The Nativity of Christ – Orthros album which includes 34 separate tracks.
  4. If you are not automatically redirected, look on the PayPal confirmation page for a return to merchant link which will take you to the download page.

Track List

  1. Thy Nativity O Christ our God – Apolytikion
  2. From the womb before the morning star – Prokeimenon
  3. All things are filled with joy – Orthros Pentecostarian
  4. Glory to God in the highest – Orthros Idiomelon
  5. In calling the Magi by a star – Hypakoe
  6. On this day the Virgin – Kontakion
  7. Christ is Born – Katavasia First Ode, First Canon
  8. Working a great wonder – Katavasia First Ode, Second Canon
  9. To the Son Who was begotten – Katavasia Third Ode, First Canon
  10. To Thy servants’ hymns – Katavasia Third Ode, Second Canon
  11. Rod of the root of Jesse – Katavasia Fourth Ode, First Canon
  12. In his song of old – Katavasia Fourth Ode, Second Canon
  13. Since Thou art the God of peace – Katavasia Fifth Ode, First Canon
  14. As we now keep watch – Katavasia Fifth Ode, Second Canon
  15. The sea monster – Katavasia Sixth Ode, First Canon
  16. Dwelling in the deeps – Katavasia Sixth Ode, Second Canon
  17. Scorning the impious decree – Katavasia Seventh Ode, First Canon
  18. For the King of all – Katavasia Seventh Ode, Second Canon
  19. The furnace moist with dew – Katavasia Eighth Ode, First Canon
  20. Midst the flames unburnt – Katavasia Eighth Ode, Second Canon
  21. A strange and marvelous mystery – Katavasia Ninth Ode, Troparion A
  22. When the Magi beheld – Katavasia Ninth Ode, Troparion B
  23. When the Magi said – Katavasia Ninth Ode, Troparion C
  24. Herod diligently inquired – Katavasia Ninth Ode, Troparion D
  25. Being well content – Katavasia Ninth Ode, Troparion E
  26. O thou Mother pure – Katavasia Ninth Ode, Troparion F
  27. Having been vouchsafed – Katavasia Ninth Ode, Troparion G
  28. Let every breath…Praise Him – The Praises
  29. Be glad o ye righteous – Praises #1
  30. The Father was well pleased – Praises #2
  31. O Virgin Theotokos – Praises #3
  32. Come, let us sing – Praises #4
  33. When it was time – Doxasticon of the Praises
  34. Today Christ is born – Theotokion of the Praises

Texts are copyright © Holy Transfiguration Monastery, Brookline, MA, used by permission. All rights reserved.

Musical compositions by Papa Ephraim, used by permission.